Are We a Temple Fitting of Our King?

“The Lord said that He would dwell in thick darkness.
13 I have indeed built an exalted temple for You,
a place for Your dwelling forever.” 1st Kings 8: 12-13

Solomon built a glorious temple meeting every standard set by the Lord so that He had a dwelling place on Earth.

Since Jesus died for our sins, we have become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

We are so careless with what that means though. If Solomon had everything meeting the exact measurement and descriptions, why do we not care about the things we allow in our bodies and mind?

To me, there is a lack of reverence and knowledge. A lack of realization that we house a part of our God. So this is my prayer for myself and others:

27 But will God indeed live on earth?
Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain You,
much less this temple I have built.
28 Listen[e] to Your servant’s prayer and his petition,
Lord my God,
so that You may hear the cry and the prayer
that Your servant prays before You today,
29 so that Your eyes may watch over this temple night and day,
toward the place where You said:
My name will be there,
and so that You may hear the prayer
that Your servant prays toward this place.
30 Hear the petition of Your servant
and Your people Israel,
which they pray toward this place.
May You hear in Your dwelling place in heaven.
May You hear and forgive.” 1st Kings 8: 27-30

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